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My name is Greg MacMorran, the Founder and President of Disaster Awareness, LLC. I formed Disaster Awareness in April 2008 in the beautiful northwoods of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  In the late spring of 2014, I moved Disaster Awareness, LLC to Buffalo Grove, Illinois (a northwest suburb of the Chicago area).

Why did I establish Disaster Awareness, LLC? I have a passion for educating people about emergency/ disaster and security preparedness and planning. I like to see people proactive and prepared in the event of an emergency. Being prepared can help save lives and keep our communities safer worldwide.  

Through the years, I have gained lots of experience in the Safety, Security, Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Planning field. I am currently involved with my local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Also, I was involved with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team Member and a Disaster Instructor.  In addition, I have a Criminal Justice Degree and Training/Certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Fire Administration, National Association of Safety Professionals and the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection. Also, I have worked in the Security, Safety and Loss Prevention Field.

In addition to Disasters, I have a passion for Aviation/Airline Safety and Security. I am currently a member with the National Air Disaster Alliance.

Please, take a few moments to browse through this website.  You can also find Disaster Awareness, LLC on Facebook. 


Gregory J. MacMorran

Mission Statement

Disaster Awareness, LLC is committed to educating citizens, non-profit organizations, tribal, and the public and private sectors worldwide to be Prepared, Ready and Act in the event of an emergency.

Vision Statement

My company's vision is to make sure everyone is "Aware, Prepared, Ready and Act" for an emergency. I bring this vision to life by educating everyone how important it is to be prepared in the event of an emergency. To keep the vision strong, I keep those affected by a disaster in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

Disaster Awareness, LLC Partners

American Airlines Flight 191 Memorial and Families

Downtown Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Inc.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) National Preparedness Coalition

International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection

Labels for Education for our Nation's Schools

National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation

Rhinelander, Wisconsin School District

Ronald McDonald House Pop Tab Program

U.S. National Fire Administration

U.S. National Weather Service





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